Students are a vital part of the team at Bitton Monk LLP.

Students work closely with our partners and are exposed to all aspects of the practice of criminal law and the criminal justice system. Students assist with the preparation of bail hearings, preliminary hearings, and trials. We strive to ensure that our students obtain a well-rounded experience that not only includes assisting on cases at the office with the partners, but also providing our students with the opportunity to observe proceedings in court.  

At Bitton Monk LLP, we strongly believe in the importance of quality mentorship. While students will attend court regularly to speak to administrative matters, this only forms a small portion of their overall experience. At Bitton Monk LLP, we believe in working closely with our students on every aspect of a criminal matter. Our lawyers don’t just simply assign tasks to our students. What sets Bitton Monk LLP apart from other firms is our desire to invest in our students and their education. We aim to mentor our students to become excellent litigators.

We hire one or two students for each licensing cycle. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, academic transcripts, writing sample and letters of reference to

We look forward to reviewing your applications!