Tamar Bitton is the managing partner at Bitton Monk LLP and practices exclusively in criminal defence at the trial and appellate levels.

Tamar’s passion for criminal law stems from her desire to help individuals navigate the complexities and injustices of the criminal justice system. When Tamar hears members of the public refer to an acquittal due to Charter violations as an individual “getting off on a technicality” she finds that offensive. Tamar fights relentlessly every day for her clients’ rights to ensure that their Charter rights are respected and upheld. Tamar is passionate about protecting her clients’ rights at trial and approaches every case with skill, tenacity, and creativity. 

The criminal justice system can be a very intimidating and overwhelming place and Tamar goes above and beyond to ensure that all her clients are constantly informed, involved, guided, and supported throughout their entire case. Tamar is your voice. She will fearlessly advocate on your behalf to ensure the best possible defence.

Throughout her undergraduate degree in Criminology at York University and law school at Western University, Tamar worked with several criminal defence lawyers and Crown attorneys. At Western Law, she worked at Community Legal Services where she defended individuals charged with summary offences. She also received a placement at the Ontario Court of Justice in Scarborough where she worked closely with the Honourable Justice Philip Downes and gained valuable judicial insight into the criminal justice system.

Tamar was a summer student and completed her articles at a top criminal defence firm in downtown Toronto. Prior to starting Bitton Monk LLP, she was an associate at a firm in downtown Toronto where she managed her own practice and successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of criminal offences.

Tamar frequently appears for clients in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Tamar has experience defending clients at bail hearings, Charter motions, sentencing hearings, preliminary hearings, and trials. Tamar has also appeared at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Tamar is a fierce advocate. She looks forward to working with you on your case.